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A Park City Palace

For many people, the ideal home is one they have designed and built themselves – a place that truly reflects their lifestyle, hobbies, and family life.  For my clients, Pati and Ron Trowbridge, their dream home has finally come true, an amazing three-story, 8000-square foot home in Park City, Utah in the beautiful Wasatch Back of the Rocky Mountains.

This two-and a half-year project started when I first met with Pati and Ron to discuss their ideas and ultimate goals, before the first blue prints were drawn up.  This project was not the largest I have ever done during my 25 years in business, but it was the largest long distance project I’ve completed.

It may seem backwards to have the designer come into the project before the home even has a blueprint, but that is where it’s most important. While architects and builders have a sense of space and design, they don’t always have a sense of how the homeowners want to live in the home. For instance, making sure that windows are large enough to capture the amazing vista of the mountains and using building materials that are appropriate for the area.

I created a detailed plan for each room and worked with the homebuilder to ensure that the flow, storage, lighting, and the structure of the house met the client’s expectations. It’s easy to repaint or replace furniture in a home but much more difficult and costly to move walls.

Because of our detailed planning, I was able to completely furnish the entire 8000-square feet including furniture, accessories, decorative lighting, and even toiletries and allow them to completely move into the home in two days.

The hardest part of the project came at the very end. I needed to say a last goodbye to this incredible space that I had been creating for so long and race to the airport before the snow kept me there. As much as the Trowbridges like me, they weren’t quite ready to share their new home with a guest.

Click here to see the completed project.